Mexico City:

Tyson Fury Promoted “Mingo Coin” beginning with a New York City Time’s Square Takeover event in December 2021. Investors are not happy and claim Tyson Fury concealed that he was the main beneficiary of the scheme and did little or nothing except pocket their money in return for an illiquid and useless cryptocurrency offering.

A complaint has been filed with the World Boxing Council in Mexico City alleging Fury has brought disrepute to the sport of boxing by taking advantage of his fans and requesting an investigation of Fury’s involvement with Mingo Coin and related NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The jilted investors accuse Tyson Fury and Mingo of manipulating the price of the worthless Mingo token and making numerous false statements including that the token holders could “work out” at the Tyson Fury’s Gypsy King Gym in the Metaverse and earn income through a gaming operation that was never launched.

According to the investors’ lawyer, Dr. Jonathan Levy, more complaints will be forthcoming in the near future: “This is a much larger case than those against other celebrity cryptocurrency promoters such as Floyd Merriweather, Jake Paul, and Lyndsay Lohan: we have information that Tyson Fury was not just an endorser but actively involved in planning and the operations of this scheme that targeted boxing fans.

A copy of the complaint is available at: