DEVELOPING UPDATE: ONECOIN MISSING BILLIONS IN LOOT FOUND? Bulgarian-Dubai Connection Discovered – Gold, Diamonds, Bitcoins?

Breaking Update:

In March 2021, an increasingly desperate Karl Greenwood was able to execute a Power of Attorney to Danish gold and diamond dealer Ahmed Abdo Hajj Mohammed Aldubaili from his Manhattan jail cell using a hidden cell phone. Aldubaili is the owner of a gold, diamond and private vault firm in Denmark.

Now thanks to German journalist Martin Himmelheber we have learned that Aldubaili also maintains a residence in Sofia, Bulgaria, from where OneCoin is still operating.

The authorities would be wise to look into Aldubaili, they may find the OneCoin missing billions including 4 memory sticks continaing 230,000 Bitcoins obtained by Ruja Igantova.