Victims of World’s Largest Pyramid Scheme Demand Answers

December 7, 2021                                                                             

For Immediate Release

New York:

A lawyer representing some of the estimated 3 million OneCoin pyramid victims worldwide is asking hard questions of the US Department of Justice which is prosecuting the OneCoin ringleaders in New York. The crypto pyramid OneCoin has taken in as much as $20 billion in cash and cryptocurrency. Yet after three years of court proceedings victims have seen no sign of the missing billions and there is currently no effort to seek restitution from those who have been unjustly enriched.

Dr. Jonathan Levy a lawyer who has been representing victims of cryptocurrency swindles has filed a memorandum under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act with the US Department of Justice.  He asserts that OneCoin victims have been locked out of the criminal proceedings and that their rights are being ignored. Information as to the missing billions provided by Levy to the Department of Justice is not being acted upon.

Dr. Levy in his memorandum sets forth that victims are entitled to restitution, protection from the violent OneCoin organization, and notice of court proceedings. Dr Levy points out: “The Southern District of New York has provided services to the victims of Bernard Madoff, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Jeffrey Epstein but the victims of the world’s largest cryptocurrency scandal are being ignored. There is not even an attempt to identify victims or secure their assets as required by law.”

According to the memorandum: Victims and witness have been threatened and assaulted by the OneCoin organization. Billions of dollars of assets remain in the hands of the OneCoin organization which continues operations from Bulgaria. OneCoin mastermind Karl Sebastian Greenwood has been laundering and moving millions of dollars from his jail cell. And the Department of Justice is not following the law and its own guidelines as to victim rights and services.

Dr. Levy is requesting the Department of Justice allocate the necessary resources to identify victims and provide mandated services. He also seeks to prevent further losses and concealment of OneCoin assets which include as much as 230,000 Bitcoins and billions in cash, real estate, and other property.