US Naval Base Faces Claims

Controversial US Naval Base at Diego Garcia Hit with Massive Damage Claims

Residents who were Forcibly Deported Seek Justice after UN Ruling in their Favor

Joint US/UK Naval Base at Diego Garcia, Chagossians Not Welcome


The Chagos Archipelago is best known for the secretive US naval base on Diego Garcia Atoll but according to the UN and its International Court of Justice, the forced deportation of its residents 50 years ago by the British government to make way for a US naval base was a serious crime.

The United Nations General Assembly, African Union, and International Court of Justice have found that Britain’s deportation of the Chagos Islanders a generation ago and continued occupation of the Chagos Archipelago (British Indian Ocean Territory) is unlawful and a serious violation of international law.  The islanders known as Chagossians claim it was a crime against humanity and a violation of the Geneva Convention.

According to the Complaint the British have stubbornly refused  to permit the Chagossian to resettle the Chagos Archipelago due to the presence of the US naval base at Diego Garcia.  The Chagossians have been denied access to their homes for over 50 years even though the UN recognizes their right to resettlement

The Chagos islanders are now seeking damages of up to $100,000 each under the US Foreign Claims Act which requires the US Military to set up claims commissions to handle damage claims by foreign citizens.

The Chagossians’ lawyer, Dr. Jonathan Levy, notes: “The damage claims are quite reasonable given the intense sufferings of the Chagossians who as a people were utterly devastated by their deportation. Even though there are several thousand Chagossians, their claims are capped at $100,000 each.  The comparable US base at Camp Lemonier, Djibouti, costs the United States approximately $70 million per year to lease, the Chagossians who are the real owners of Diego Garcia Atoll are seeking only a small fraction of the back rent.”

Representative testimony by the Chagossians can be viewed at:

For more information contact:

Dr. Jonathan Levy, Attorney & Solicitor

UK Accused of Allowing Billions in Crypto Fraud in its Indian Ocean Colony

Chagos Islanders Seek Restitution of Popular .IO Domain

Crypto Attorney Jonathan Levy Says Bithumb Hack & BitBlender Connected

London, July 8, 2020:


British Indian Ocean Territory is best known for the secretive US naval base on Diego Garcia Island but is home to the top level domain .IO that is popular with crypto asset and technology companies.

The United Nations General Assembly, African Union, and International Court of Justice have found that Britain’s deportation of the Chagos Islanders a generation ago and continued occupation of the Chagos Archipelago (British Indian Ocean Territory) is unlawful and a serious violation of international law.

According to the Complaint the British have stubbornly refused  to vacate the Chagos Archipelago not only due to the presence of the US naval base but because billions of dollars in financial transactions are at stake.

In 1997 a secret agreement with the British Crown resulted in the creation of the top level domain country code .IO (ccTLD .IO).  .IO was a relatively low key alternative domain until about 2016 when its popularity exploded in connection with the rise of cryptocurrency.  In 2017, the company administering .IO was sold for $70 million to internet giant Afilias Ltd. which is the world’s second largest Internet domain name registry.

The Chagos Islanders are now seeking restitution and return of .IO which has made the Chagos Archipelago one of the world’s least known but largest offshore financial centers by daily dollar volume. 

A complaint has been filed with the African Commission of Human & Peoples’ Rights (the Banjul Court) which has jurisdiction over the Chagos Islands and the issue of recovery and restitution.

According to Dr. Jonathan Levy, the international lawyer representing the Chagos islanders, while .IO is utilized by legitimate companies, it is also remarkable for crypto asset based criminal operations: Ponzi schemes, High Yield Investment Platforms, and fraudulent Initial Coin and Token offerings.  Dr. Levy explains: “The criminals know there is zero law enforcement in the British Indian Ocean Territory, they use only cryptocurrency, they need no address besides a .IO domain and crypto wallet to commit crimes like fraud, money laundering and extortion.”  Dr. Levy estimates tens of billions of dollars a day in unregulated crypto asset transactions take place in .IO involving hacking, tax evasion, money laundering, fraudulent investment schemes, gambling, and terrorism and organized crime financing including the well-known crypto scams OneCoin and USITech.

A link to the case is here:

Victims of Crypto, ICO and Bitcoin Fraud and Crimes Act Now to Claim to Your Share of $8 Billion in Restitution

You must act before June 1, 2019 to become an initial claimant for restitution and damages and gain access to the initial $8 billion and additional future damages.

Victims of crypto and Bitcoin scams, fraudulent Initial Coin offerings – ICOs, and crypto hacks, extortion and crime are entitled to restitution and damages.  Our legal term has identified a funding source worth more than $8 billion that can be used to compensate victims.  You may know what we are referring but we cannot reveal it here. We will also be seeking damages from social media giants and crypto exchanges who have been the major conduits and enablers for crypto fraud and crimes.

If you are victim, European Union laws support your claim to these funds of which an estimated $8 billion are already in a segregated account on the Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold ledgers.

As a named claimant and not one of the multitudes who will follow, you may be entitled not just to restitution of your losses but lost profits and other damages totaling many times your original loss.

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Not everyone will qualify, you must meet one of the following criteria:

You are a victim of crypto fraud or your crypto has been hacked OR  Crypto has been used as the means, payment or basis of your loss and one of the following conditions apply:

  1. You are a victim of crypto related activities linked geographically to the European Union or EEA countries in some manner OR you are a victim of a crypto activity that conducts business with EU or EEA citizens.


  • You are one of the following:
  1. An EU or EEA member citizen regardless of country of residence
  2. A resident of an EU or EEA member state
  3. A resident or citizen of an EU Dependent Territory

Therefore, non-European Union residents who conducted business with entities based in the EU or who conducted business with entities that also serve EU and EEA residents can qualify.

There are three broad categories of victims:

  1.  Victims of all manner of crypto fraud or fraud in which crypto currency played some role as payment, bait, or a so-called investment.
  2.  Victims of fraudulent  and incompetent Initial Coin Offerings.
  3.  Victims of crypto hacks and criminal acts such as extortion, ransomware, and other crimes in which crypto played a role.

Crypto currency includes not just Bitcoin but all the 1000+ crypto currencies, coins, and tokens as well as other blockchain and Ethereum contracts and transactions.

You may be a victim and not realize it.  Did you know:

  1.  Most ICOs are fraudulent or misdescribed;
  2.  Many so-called Crypto exchanges are unlicensed and post false accounts;
  3.  Most self-described crypto brokers and touts are criminals;
  4. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others have been used extensively to commit crypto crimes with the full knowledge of the social media platforms.
  5. Government agencies are aware of the extent of the crypto fraud but have taken little or no action to help victims;
  6. Laws exist to reimburse victims in full and for damages but must be accessed aggressively.

Therefore, you must act now to preserve your claim – no one can do this for you.

If your claim is above $1 million, there are additional claims available to you, please contact us as these remedies are time limited.